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What is xelerate® pro ?

The fraction of a second counts.

In pro sports a fraction of a second will influence victory or defeat. xelerate helps to quantify these moments and thereby makes them comparable.
Movement can be quantified and becomes objective, strengths and weaknesses cam be analyzed. The athlete's abilities are pin-pointed down to numbers. Based on this data athletes can develop and improved, talents can be spotted.

Training & Analysis

In pro sports power is paramount and this needs to be measurable. Based on hard facts a goal-oriented training can be developed and improved.

Game decision and movement in general consists of Motor Function (force, endurance, speed, agility and coordination), Cognition (e.g. information processing, decision making and orientation) and Reaction.

All this data can be analyzed as well as trained using xelerate.

Training & Analysis Goals

 Cognitive Training
Perception, decission-making abilities, antizipation, peripheral vision, movement planing
 Performance Improvement
Speed, endurance, strength
 Motor Function Improvement
Agility, Coordination

Measurement & Training

Preplanned or Non-Preplanned
Individualized training movements
Single or Group
One or up to 9 athletes at the same time
Optional Tools
(foot)ball, cones, hurdles

Performance & Game Speed

Athlete Development
Talent Diagnostics

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